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341 Wakefield Quay, Stepneyville, Nelson

Lunch Menu


Marinated Kalamata olives (g,d,Ve) 8

Homemade breads, Kakariki olive oil, brown butter (d)12.5

Beef empanadas (4), jalapeno yogurt dip/Deep-fried salted fish (10), lemon aioli (d)10.5

Light Meals

Soup of the day, ciabatta, wait staff will advise 15.5

Add whole grilled prawn 6 each

Pork brawn terrine, hot mustard, herb salad, grilled pumpernickel (d) 19.5

Raw vegetable salad, grilled lamb, honey dressing, macadamia, mint & coriander (g,d) 19.5

Whisky cured Ora King Salmon, fennel, almond & pear (g,d) 21.5

Caesar salad – Cos, croutons, anchovies, Grana Padano, homemade dressing 19.5

Add grilled chicken 3.5 or blackened fish 4.5/ Small 14

Piri piri squid, chickpea salad with coriander, cumin & tomato (g,d) 19.5


Fish of the Day – Market fresh, wait staff will advise 33.5

Battered fresh fish, house fries, homemade tartare & green salad 25.5

Beef fillet tail, dauphine potatoes, market greens, red wine sauce & watercress 29.5

Spiced pumpkin cannelloni, smoked tomato sauce, fennel & aioli (Ve)30.5

Kumara & ricotta ravioli, spinach, marinated mushrooms, pinenuts & pecorino (v) 30.5

House made Fettuccini, tomato, beef & pork ragout, pecorino 25

Reuben sandwich with pickle & fries 20.5


Green salad or house fries (g,d,Ve) 8.5

Parmesan & black garlic fries (g) 9.5

Seasonal greens with toasted almonds (g,d,Ve) 9.5

d-dairy free, g-gluten free, v-vegetarian, Ve-vegan

Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 till late