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341 Wakefield Quay, Stepneyville, Nelson

Lunch Menu


Marinated Kalamata olives (g,d,Ve) 8

Homemade breads, Kakariki olive oil, brown butter (d)12.5

Fish empanadas (3), jalapeno yogurt dip 10.5

Light Meals

Soup of the day, ciabatta, wait staff will advise 15.5

Add whole grilled prawn 6 each

Pork brawn terrine, hot mustard, herb salad, grilled pumpernickel (d) 19.5

Raw vegetable salad, grilled lamb, honey dressing, macadamia, mint & coriander (g,d) 19.5

Whisky cured Ora King Salmon, fennel, almond & pear (g,d) 21.5

Caesar salad – Cos, croutons, anchovies, Grana Padano, homemade dressing 19.5

Add grilled chicken 3.5 or blackened fish 4.5/ Small 14

Piri piri squid, chickpea salad with coriander, cumin & tomato (g,d) 19.5


Fish of the Day – Market fresh, wait staff will advise 33.5

Battered fresh fish, house fries, homemade tartare & green salad 25.5

Beef fillet tail, dauphine potatoes, market greens, red wine sauce & watercress 29.5

Spiced pumpkin cannelloni, smoked tomato sauce, fennel & aioli (Ve)30.5

Kumara & ricotta ravioli, spinach, marinated mushrooms, pinenuts & pecorino (v) 30.5

House made Fettuccini, tomato, beef & pork ragout, pecorino 25

Reuben sandwich with pickle & fries 20.5


Green salad or house fries (g,d,Ve) 8.5

Parmesan & black garlic fries (g) 9.5

Seasonal greens with toasted almonds (g,d,Ve) 9.5

d-dairy free, g-gluten free, v-vegetarian, Ve-vegan

Open Monday to Saturday from 11:30 till late